Roberta Di Mario is an Italian composer, pianist, artistic director and music festivals curator. She works in the world of theater, art, cinema and advertising. 

She graduated with the highest honors and with an honorable mention from the Parma Conservatory. Today Roberta Di Mario is known as a post-classical musician. She leaves nothing outside of her creative world: theatre, musicals, jazz, pop, ambient, and soundtracks create her unique and special style.

Roberta made her debut in 2011 with her first album ‘Tra il tempo e la distanza’ (Alfa Music), followed by ‘Lo stato delle cose’ (Irma Records) in 2014 with the collaboration of producer the Pietro Cantarelli.‘Hands’, a track taken from the album, became the soundtrack of the international exhibition ‘Vivere il mondo di Botero’ (Italy and Japan).

In December 2016, she took part in a series of concerts in New York City hosted by the Italian Consulate for the event ‘Meet the new Italian Music Artist in NY’.

After the release of ‘Illegacy’ (Warner Music) in 2017, Roberta Di Mario’s started the ‘Illegacy Tour’ in 2018: a series of solo piano concerts that gave her the chance to perform on numerous stages in Italy such as Bologna, Taormina, Arezzo, Milan, Pantelleria but also in Düsseldorf and in New York City, USA.  She also took part in ‘Piano City Milan’ and ‘Piano City Palermo’ as the official pianist of Radio Monte Carlo, as well as the guest at Il Tempo delle donne, an important festival at the Milan Triennale and at the Steinway Piano Festival in Cremona.

In the same year, she released a new single entitled ‘Leda and the Swam’ that anticipates the release of her new Concept Album, Disarm for Warner Classic, scheduled for autumn 2019. In September 2019 her ‘Walzer in A Minor’ was chosen as the soundtrack of the new Tiscali commercial, ‘The Dream’, winner of the special award at “L’Italia che comunica 2019“.

Di Mario was also selected by Apple, among other nine notable names, to participate to the Apple Music Live, the event that anticipated Piano City Milano 2019.

Roberta Di Mario’s 2020 started with a performance on the stage of the ‘Blue Note’, a famous club in Milan; 2020 was also the year of ‘Disarm Tour ‘ that brought her to major Italian and European cities such as Rome, Florence, Parma, Milan and Oslo. In September of the same year, Roberta Di Mario composed the soundtrack for Sky ‘Il Verde e il Blu Festival,’ an event and TV format where she also performed.

At the end of 2020, Roberta Di Mario presented ‘A new beginning, the sound after the silence’, a new artistic project directed by Cinzia Spanò, with the dramaturgy of Cinzia Spanò and Roberta Di Mario. The show was a journey among beauty and wonder of art through the sound of words and music (from J.S.Bach to contemporary); in 2021 the tour touched several cities including Milan, Parma, Rome, Lecce, Sorrento, Enna and Partanna. Roberta Di Mario also debuted in Copenhagen, fascinated the international audience of the Danish capital.

One of her latest project was in September 2021, where she was part of the artistic production of Connessioni, a music, art, philosophy and dance show, with performances that involved more than 10 artists such as Vittorio Sgarbi, Luciano Floridi, Cinzia Spanò, Patrizia Laquidara and the Compagnia Egri Bianco Danza. The show opened the second edition of Il Verde e il Blu Festival.

As the artistic director, as well as performer, in October 2021 Roberta Di Mario was involved in the TV production ‘We/Noi: Stories of free, brave and brilliant women’, a great show that characterized the first edition of WE – Women’s Equality Festival, the most important national festival on gender equality at the Apollo theatre, Lecce. She shared the stage with the Symphonic Orchestra of Lecce and Salento, the actor Alessio Boni, the actress Cinzia Spanò, the singer Tosca, the violinist Alessandro Quarta, Gianna Fratta and the principal dancers of the Scala of Milan Nicoletta Manni and Timofej Andrijashenko.