Roberta Di Mario is an Italian classical and contemporary pianist, composer, artistic director. 

She’s international concert performer, she composes for piano solo, chamber music, theater, art, tv, cinema and advertising.

She began her musical studies at five and she graduated with the highest honors and honorable mention at the Arrigo Boito Conservatory of Music in Parma, where she also studied composition with Roberto Ballarini, and Luca Francesconi.

After masters with The Trieste Trio and Alexis Weissenberg, after winning several competitions, she chose to contaminate her physical and metaphysical sound, techniques quality and virtuosity playing and composing for classical and new classical music in a personal cinematic resonance, where the combination of body density and lightness, brightness and expressive warmth, power and grace creating a unique and special style of full artistic expression, intelligence and seductiveness.

Roberta Di Mario records for Warner Music. Her last concept albums “Illegacy”  and “Disarm” took her to perform all over Italy on important stages, concert halls and festivals, as Parenti and Triennale Theater, Blue Note in Milan, Cagnoni Theater in Vigevano, Storchi Theater in Modena, Apollo Theater in Lecce, Impavidi Theater in Sarzana, Auditorium Paganini in Parma and  Parco della Musica in Rome, and many others. Abroad in New York, Copenhagen, Paris, Oslo, London, Lugano.

She selected to be resident artist of RMC, Montecarlo Radio, and Apple Music.

She won a special award  for “Waltz in a minor”,  a powerful and heartbreaking composition become soundtrack of the new spot Tiscali (international Telecommunication Company).

In these years she on tour with several project: “A new beginning, the sound after the silence’, a piano project directed by Cinzia Spanò, with the dramaturgy of Cinzia Spanò and Roberta Di Mario, a moving sound journey among beauty and wonder of art, through the sound of words and music from J.S.Bach to a musical contemporary world.
The reading concert “Leggere Lolita a Teheran” a powerful project of high cultural and social artistic value.

“Connessioni” a music art philosophy and dance show, and also as the artistic director as well as performer on the Raiplay TV production ‘We/Noi: Stories of free, brave and brilliant women’, a great show of the editions of WE – Women’s Equality Festival, the most important national festival on gender equality. She shared the stage with the Symphonic Orchestra of Lecce and Salento, the actors Alessio Boni and Neri Marcorè, the actress Cinzia Spanò, the singer Tosca, the violinist Alessandro Quarta, the conductor Gianna Fratta and the principal dancers of Scala Theater,
Nicoletta Manni and Timofej Andrijashenko.

Roberta Di Mario is among the few female composers in Italy.

She feels a great responsibility and across her music and art tries to be a model and inspiring for new female generation: “I’m working for a new world: a world in which we can forget the disparities without removing the differences; a world in which discrimination will perhaps be just a memory, a world in which men and women will  finally be together, on the same side”.

Roberta Di Mario is a Steinway artist.

She has a son, and actually based in Milan.